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My Story

I love hoagies. I think you know that about me already. Now that we are friends, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in South Philadelphia in an all Italian neighborhood to all Italian parents whose grandparents immigrated from Italy, specifically Calabria and Abruzzo, back in the old days.

Growing up, my maternal grandparents lived across our tiny street from us and they both were incredible cooks and bakers. I didn’t realize back then how good we had it -- fresh fish, fine meats and cheeses with funny names, homemade "macaroni" and breads plus interesting foods that are difficult to find in the US (see Scrippelles -- these will change your life. Side note: If you find them, first, try them! Second, tell me where. Third, they really should be made with Locatelli cheese for the full experience). Their house was like an authentic, "grab and go" restaurant that I would frequent several times a day.

It was also South Philly, the epicenter of incredible food. Every square block had hoagies, Italian water ice, soft pretzels, cheese steaks and cigarettes --back when a pack only cost $1.75. I was fortunate to experience and take in all of it (even the cigarettes, at one point).

Fast forward to now. I live thirty minutes outside of Philadelphia in King of Prussia, PA with my husband and two young kids. Our town has the highest amount of retail space in the country which translates to a lack of authentic food, like hoagies, but I do my best to find them. By day, I am a tech nerd working in Partner Marketing at Microsoft.

Please join me on this amusing adventure to find, make, and most importantly eat the highest quality hoagies across the Philadelphia area and beyond. Hope you will join me!