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HoagieLOVE's Friggin' Dictionary

Will you find these definitions in Webster's? Maybe, but not with my interpretations from a lifetime of eating authentic Italian foods.

Find more on my History of Hoagies post coming soon!


                        Hoagie: Description for a long roll split and filled with deli meats and                             cheese. It also contains veggies like lettuce and tomato, condiments like mayo and or oil, and spices like salt, pepper and oregano. Traditionally, hoagies are made with imported Italian meats and cheeses although there are many variations today based on personal preference that include turkey, tuna, chicken cutlets, and others.


Authentic pronunciation: You should know by now.


Disclaimer: Do not call this a sub, submarine, hero, grinder or zep. If you do this now, either course correct immediately or relocate out of state, and jersey does not count.

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